Thursday, December 27, 2012

Amrut Old Port Rum

Amrut Old Port Rum from India
Bright copper color. Sweet aromas and flavors of pistachio brittle and spumoni ice cream with a silky dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body and a long, crystallized ginger, nutmeg and bubblegum spice accented finish. A fun, flavorful and exotic dark rum that will make brilliant tiki drinks.
$21.95  750ml 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Don Weber Tequila

Don Weber Blanco Tequila
The delicate smoothness and exquisite bouquet of the Don Weber Blanco reflects the characteristics of agave aromas from which the spirit is made.  It is double filtered before bottling so that the clean, clear taste of our tequila can be enjoyed by connosieurs who crave the true original taste of a premium agave. 
$37.99   750ml

Don Weber Reposado Tequila
The fresh bouquet and brilliant golden color are due to the attentive and artistic production process of Don Weber Reposado Tequila.  Our white oak wooden barrels have been carefully designed and constructed to house the spirit for 6 to 8 months, giving it a balance of agave and mild wood flavors.  It builds an apetite before a meal and works as a digestive component after a meal.
$41.99  750ml

Don Weber Anejo Tequila
This excellent tequila has been aged for 16 to 18 months in white oak wooden barrels.  During this time the spirit acquires delicate hints of vanilla and butterscotch in addition to other flavors of ripened agave and warm red earth from the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico.  It is characterized by its deep, golden color.  Tequila Don Weber Añejo delivers an unrivaled smoothness and flavor for the most distinguishing palate.  A Superb tequila that can be enjoyed straight in a cognac glass anytime or after a meal as a digestive spirit.
$45.99  750ml

Don Weber Extra Anejo Tequila
This exquisite spirit has been aged in our white oak wooden barrels for a minimum of 3 years.  Its deeper, golden color and elegant aroma highlights its rich characteristics that are comparable to superb distilled spirits such as premium cognacs.   Tequila Don Weber Añejo Limited Edition is preferably drank straight in a cognac glass anytime or as premium digestive spirit after a meal.
$59.99  750ml

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Monkey Shoulder Blended Scotch

Monkey Shoulder Blended Scotch
A superb blended malt whisky from William Grant, made with single malts from the companies neighboring distilleries. The result is a smooth, creamy, supple and very malty Scotch which works superbly well neat, over ice, or in whisky cocktails.

Nose: An elegant, stylish nose of marmalade, cocoa and malt. Winter spice (nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon) adds an extra dimension, alongside a mouth-watering hint of aniseed.

Palate: Very malty, creamy delivery which offers up a palate redolent of berry fruit, juicy toasted barley, cloves and butterscotch. A hint of manuka honey, hot-buttered-toast and dried apricot develop.

Finish: Medium length, with clove-studded oranges, creamy vanilla and peppermint.
$26.99  750ml.

Nikka Whisky Distillers Japan

Nikka Whisky
Taketsuru Pure Malt 12yr
Made from the blending of the two distilleries of Yoichi and Miyagikyo, this whisky was the pride of its creator Mastaka Taketsuru, founder of Nikka and father of Japanese whisky.

About the Distillery- YOICHI:

The Yoichi Distillery is located 50 kilometers west of Sapporo on the island of Hokkaido. It combines tradition with an aesthetic that only the Japanese can achieve.
Yoichi has an underground water source that is filtered through peat; the best water there is for whisky production. It has its own kiln topped with traditional pagoda-shaped chimneys. The pot stills are still heated by naked flame, a traditional method that has been abandoned by most of the Scottish distilleries.
The Yoichi distillery is located just one kilometer from the sea contributing to the complex character of this whisky, with its salty and slightly medicinal notes.

About the Distillery- MIYAGIKYO:

Miyagikyo is located on the island of Honshu, two hours by high-speed train to the northeast of Tokyo. Built in the foothills of the Miyagi prefecture, at the heart of a region famous for its waterfalls and many hot springs, the distillery is a true haven of peace. This site was chosen for its pure air and high humidity levels, ideal for ageing in barrels. The environment is similar to that of the Cairngorms region in the heart of Scotland. Miyagikyo, using large stills, produces a spirit
that is rich and fruity with elegant aromas.

Nose: Floral and balanced, with notes of plum jam, cut herbs, rhubarb pie, vanilla ice cream and cold coffee.

Palate: Sweet and oily, apple cider, cinnamon sticks, buttery toffee, almond, salty butter, custard.

Finish: Good length, creamy, notes of digestive biscuit and rhubarb crumble.
$65.95  750ml.

Yoichi Single Malt 15yr 
The Yoichi Single Malt, made in the Yoichi Distillery, conveys strength, softness and delicacy. This single malt whisky is stored and matured for 15 years or more, is characterized by its mature and ample nose and smooth, silky palate.
The nose is gentle and creamy with light fruits and a little nutty development. The palate is quite sweet with notes of subdued peat, winter spice and a nutty note. The finish is long and beautifully bittersweet.
$119.95  750ml.

Montelobos Mezcal Joven

Montelobos Mezcal Joven

Grown in the shadows of Cerro Montelobos (the Mountain of Wolves) in Oaxaca’s Sierra Madre range, Montelobos Mezcal Joven is mezcal at its peak – a liquid only made possible by world-renowned agave spirits expert Ivan Saldana’s rigorous artisanal crafting process, five generations of Lopez family mezcaleros, and the finest, 100% organic agave espadin ever cultivated.

Montelobos allows the unique flavors of agave espadin to shine through characteristic mezcal smokiness – integrating all the botanicals and complexity and yielding a mezcal of extraordinary balance and sophistication.
$49.99  750ml.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Glenmorangie Astar

Glenmorangie Astar SM
The 'Astar', meaning journey in Gaelic, has certainly come a long way. But with its bright gold colour and smooth but spicy finish, we feel the journey has been more than worth it.

ABV: 57.1%                       Non chill-filtered

Rich in toffee and crème-brulee, drizzled with fresh menthol, warm cinnamon and deep aniseed spices. Mint humbugs and a sweet honey-lemon complexity follows.
Crème-brulee with a burst of mouth-watering pineapple, poached pears and apricots, smothered with vanilla custard.
The finish is long and smooth with a lingering mix of honey and almond, coconut ice and traces of aniseed.
Bright gold

$85.95  750ml.