Friday, March 30, 2012

Jackhammer Wine Co.

'10 Jackhammer Pinot Noir   $11.99
A delightful Pinot Noir with bright fruit
flavors, gentle spice and round, smooth
tannins. It goes down very easy and marries
with all sorts of dishes.
LA Times Wine of the Week Feb. 2012

Old World Spirits

Blade California Style Gin     $27.99
Aromas of candied orange peel, chili pepper, 
and cardamom follow through on a round, 
silky entry to a dry-yet-fruity medium-full body
with sharp waves of buttercream, cayenne pepper,
candied ginger, and piney juniper on the fiery, 
wintergreen and lemon verbena accented finish. 
Lots of gusto here that will make bold, flavorful
cocktails especially with tonic.

Green Flash Brewing Co.

Saison Diego  22oz      $7.99
Unfiltered golden farmhouse ale,
brewed with Seville orange peels,
Chinese ginger and grains of paradise.
Light, bright, spicy aromas, lively
carbonation and earthy flavors co-mingle
with musty notes that add funky complexity.

Cuvelier Los Andes

'08 Cuvelier Los Andes Red   $21.99
60% Malbec, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon,
15% Merlot, 5% Syrah, 5% Petit Verdot.
From the owners of Château Léoville Poyferré 
comes this delicious red wine from their Estate
in Argentina. A must try!!


Hite Beer in 64oz PLASTIC BOTTLES!!!
Only $3.99 per bottle. The perfect sidekick
for Coachella!

Sierra Nevada

Hoptimum Whole-Cone Imperial IPA  
in 12oz,   4-pk bottles        $9.99
Resinous "new-school" and exclusive hop
varieties carry the bold and aromatic nose.
The flavor follows the aroma with layers of
aggressive hoppiness, featuring notes of
grapefruit rind, rose, lilac, cedar, and tropical fruit
all culminating in a dry and lasting finish.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dogfish Head

Red & White  750ML    $13.99
A big, Belgian-style witbier brewed
with coriander and orange peel and
fermented with pinot noir juice. After fermentation,
a fraction of the batch is aged in one of our
10,000-gallon oak tanks.Red & White successfully
marries the refreshing citrusy qualities of a Belgian-style
white beer with the robust complexity of a bold red wine.

Brouwerij West

Brouwerij West Triple Ale     $5.99
500ML bottles       8.5% abv
Our Tripel pours a hazy deep gold with a
creamy head. Upfront aromas of fresh plums,
orange, white flowers and a hint of hay evolve
into aromas of caramel malt and cola as the glass
warms. A very balanced flavor profile and a creamy
mouthfeel lead into a light malt sweetness with a
final transition into a hint of warming alcohol
and soft drying bitterness.

Anchor Brewing Co.

Old Foghorn Barleywine Style Ale
12oz. 6pks  $14.99
The malty sweetness, fruitiness,
unique hop aroma and high original
gravity of Old Foghorn® Barleywine
Style Ale is to beer much as port is to wine

Friday, March 23, 2012

Alaskan Brewing Co.

Alaskan Birch Bock  $8.49
Doppelbock Ale with Alaska
Birch Syrup in 22oz bottles

Logsdon Organic Farmhouse Ales

Logsdon Seizoen Bretta
Farmhouse Ale 750ML    $10.95

Special Brettanomyces yeast provides added dryness 
and crisp complexity to the Seizoen Bretta.  
Bottle conditioned with pear juice for a natural carbonation. 
Oregon Brewed 

Rogue Ales

Rogue Voodoo Doughnut     $12.99
Bacon Maple Ale    750ML

A Collision of Crazies
Rogue Ales has collided with Voodoo Doughnut 
to create Bacon Maple Ale! This unique artisan 
creation contains a baker’s dozen number of
ingredients including bacon and maple syrup
from one of Voodoo’s signature doughnuts.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sangrita by Pura Vida

Pura Vida El Guapo's
Hand Made Sangrita
$6.99   per 1 Liter bottle.
A perfect compliment to
your favorite Tequila.

Wild Shot Mezcal

Wild Shot Mezcal
Wild Shot Mezcal is made in San Luis Potosi, Mexico from ten year old green agave plants. Harvested by hand and then cooked in masonry ovens for two days. After fermentation, the "pulque" is distilled twice in copper pot stills. The silver is immediately bottled while the Reposado is aged for two months in oak casks. From country singer megastar Toby Keith.

Wild Shot Mezcal Silver          $34.95           750ml
Wild Shot Reposado               $35.95           750ml

Tequila ArteNOM

Tequila ArteNOM brands are specially selected Tequilas from the finest distilleries in Mexico.  They are identified by their registration number.
The first three presentations are.

Tequila ArteNOM Seleccion de 1414 Reposado.  This 100% Blue Agave Tequila was rested in previously used American white oak bourbon barrels for 10 months. Distillery "1414" Feliciano Vivanco y Asociados Los Altos Highlands.
 $43.95  750ml

Tequila ArteNOM Seleccion de 1079 Blanco. A 100% Blue Agave Tequila containing no additives. Produced in the Jesus-Maria Jalisco region.
"1079" Distillery Agave Tequilana Prod. Comercializadores.
$39.95  750ml

Tequila ArteNOM Seleccion de 1146 Anejo.  60% of this añejo comes from French oak aged for 2 years, and 40% from French oak aged for 3 years.
This blend is then aged together for an additional year in American white oak. " "1146 "  Tequilena S.A. de C.V. Los Altos

$47.95  750ml

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fritz Underground Winery

'08 Fritz Estate Zinfandel  $14.99
Dry Creek Valley
"brilliant aromas of blackberries , red currants,
and spices abound with subtle undertones of cocoa.
This Zin is perfectly balanced with well structured
tannins and bright acidity. Flavors of blackberry,
Bing cherry, and red licorice lead into an elegant finish."

Green Flash Brewing Co.

Palate Wrecker IPA         $11.99
12oz. 4-pack bottles
The most complicated West Coast–inspired IPA
we have ever brewed—mashing and sparging with
hopped wort, in addition to our hop layering regimen for IPA.
By popular demand, it is now released for the world to enjoy!

Maui Brewing

La Perouse Belgian Style Witbier
12 oz. 6-Pack cans   $11.99
** Limited Supply **

St George Spirits

St George Terroir Gin              $30.99  750ML
Terroir Gin has an intense earthy, woodsy nose and
flavor derived from Douglas fir, California bay laurel,
and California coastal sage—complemented by bright,
citrusy top notes.

St George Botanivore Gin       $30.99  750ML
Botanivore Gin (our "botanical eater") earned its name
because it's loaded with botanical ingredients. We distilled
20 different botanicals to compose this spirit (no small feat!)
and the resulting gin is beautifully balanced and vibrant.
Deliciously herbacious and bright, Botanivore is a versatile
addition to any gin cocktail.

St George Dry Rye Gin         $30.99  750 ML
Dry Rye Gin has twice as much juniper in its recipe as
either of the other two St. George gins, and a base of pot-distilled
rye that provides structure and spice. Warm bass notes of pepper and
caraway give Dry Rye Gin an intriguing depth of flavor, while the
rye provides a sweet maltiness reminiscent of a genever. Try our
Dry Rye Gin in your favorite cocktails that call for either gin or rye
or sip it straight for a gin experience like no other.

Pura Vida Tequila

Pura Vida Silver    $29.99  750ML
Delivers pure agave flavor and unparalleled
drinking pleasure when making your favorite
cocktail or the ultimate margarita.
Pura Vida Gold      $32.99  750ML
The perfect tequila for those who appreciate
a richer, more complex flavor. All the smoothness
you want but with the pure tequila taste you crave.

Pura Vida Anejo    $37.99  750ML
Aged for a minimum of one year in high quality,
American oak bourbon barrels. This aging process
allows our Añejo to darken and mature resulting in
a flavor that's smoother, richer, and more complex.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sunkist Sweet and Sour mix Back in stock! $4.99 per qt

Friday, March 9, 2012

St. Paddy's Day !!!

Dont forget, St. Paddy's Day
is right around the corner.
Come check out our fine
selection of Irish whisky
and beer. Sláinte!

It's that time of year again!

Dogfish Head Aprihop  $9.95
12oz. 4-pack bottles
Our fruit beer for hopheads!
Aprihop is an American IPA brewed
with Pilsner and Crystal malts. It's massively
hopped --in the continuous fashion, of course!
and the flavor is complemented by the addition
of apricots.**Only available March thru May**

Got Cans?

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale  $16.95
In 12oz. -  12 pack  CANS!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

We have lots of Barley Wine in stock!!!

Stone Old Guardian, Sierra Nevada Bigfoot,
Green Flash, Coronado, Avery, Shipyard,
Great Divide, Beer Valley, High Water,
Hair of the Dog, Uinta ... Just to name a few.

Seasonal Dark IPA from Pyramid Brewing

Discord Dark IPA  12 oz. 6packs $8.99
Discord Dark IPA celebrates the marriage
of two distinct styles, the Dark Ale and the IPA.
The traditional bitterness of an IPA is juxtaposed
against a black malt canvas, creating an ale that keeps
your taste buds working to discover all the unique flavors
imparted by the 5 different hops and 5 different malts.
Only available in February and March. Hurry!!!

Widmer Brothers Brewing

Widmer Pitch Black IPA 12 oz. 4 packs

Pitch Black IPA takes you to the dark side
with our take on Cascadian Dark Ale.
Debittered black malt lends a midnight hue
along with rich, toasty malt flavor.
Available from January thru April   $8.49

Shock Top

Shock Top Wheat IPA     $7.99
Shock Top Wheat IPA is no traditional beer.
It’s a unique hybrid that combines the fresh flavor
and smoothness of wheat beer with the crisp hop bitterness
of an IPA. The result is a beer that is truly like no other.

Also try:
Shock Top Belgian White        $7.99
Shock Top Raspberry Wheat   $7.99

New Rums and Gins

Pink Pigeon from the Medine Distillery in the Republic of Mauritus. Produced with the finest sugar cane and hand-packed vanilla from nearby Madagascar. It is then combined with tropical flavors of spice and nutmeg.

Pink Pigeon Rum                    $34.95    750ml

Barbancourt Pango Rhum the latest addition to the Rhum Barbancourt product range. Pango Rhum is made from pure sugar cane juice (not molasses like most rums) and aged in oak casks. The aged dark rum is then hand blended with natural mango and pineapple.

Barbancourt Pango Rhum             $19.95   750ml
Barbancourt Pango Rhum               $2.95    50ml

Darnleys View Gin
Scotland, 1565. Mary Queen of Scots first spies her future husband, Lord Darnley through the courtyard window of Wemyss Castle. Darnley’s View is made with six carefully selected berries, seeds, peels, roots and flowers known as the botanicals. The principal botanicals are juniper, lemon peel and elderflower.

Darnleys View Gin                    $29.95  750ml

Edinburgh Gin
Presented in an Art Deco inspired package this gin is produced at the Spencerfield Distillery in Edinburgh Scotland. Created in a 200 year old Scottish copper still with the classic gin botanicals to a 43% ABV.

Edinburgh Gin                        $36.99    750ml

Glen Garioch

Glen Garioch 1994 Vintage
This 1994 Vintage variant is 107.8 proof represents the last of the Glen Garioch's whisky made before the distillery moved to an unpeated less smoky style. There were only 3000 bottles available for the United States market.     $121.95    750ml

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Great Divide Brewing

Great Divide Variety 12pks.  $18.99
3 - 12oz.bottles of each:
Claymore Scotch Ale, Wild Raspberry Ale
Samurai Rice Ale and Titan IPA

Oskar Blues Brewery

Deviant Dale's IPA   $13.99
4pk 16 oz. cans     8% abv
2011 GABF Silver Medal Winner
American IPA Category

Friday, March 2, 2012

Heretic Brewing Company in 22oz. bottles

Evil Twin Red Ale      6.8% abv   $5.99
Evil Twin is only bad because it is too good to resist!

Evil Cousin Imperial IPA  8% abv   $7.49
This beer is for those of you who can't get enough hops!

Shallow Grave Porter  7% abv    $5.99
We’re sure you’ll dig it!

New Arrivals

'07 Hitching Post Generation Red  $14.99 
"GEN RED" is sourced from several Santa Barbara vineyards.
A blend of  51% Cabernet Franc, 37% Merlot, 6% Syrah and 6%Valdiguie

'10 The Forager Pinot Noir   $19.99
Medium-deep ruby color; deep spicy cherry aromas with some herbal notes;
rich, full cherry fruit with spice and lavender notes; good structure and balance;
long finish. Forward, interesting Pinot with great spice and herbal notes.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

German beers back in stock

Einbecker Mai-Ur-Bock  6 packs $17.99
Einbecker Ur-Bock Dunkel 6 packs $17.99


TBA - Texas Brown Ale     $2.99
 Bear Republic, Fat Head's and Stone
The latest collaboration beer for 2012.
Extra hoppy brown ale brewed with
brown sugar and molasses. 7.1 % 12oz.

High Water Brewing in 22oz. bottles

Hop Riot IPA      $4.99
Retribution Imperial IPA $6.99
Pom Cherry Bomb       $8.99
Blind Spot Dark Specialty Ale  $4.99
Old & In The Way Barrel Aged Barley Wine  $15.99
Aphotic Barrel Aged Baltic Porter   $15.99

New Wine Arrivals

'08 Pali Wine Co. Tower 15
Cab Franc/Merlot blend    $14.99

'09 Rancho Sisquoc Tre Vini
Sangiovese, Petite Verdot, Cab Sauv   $14.99

'08 Kenneth Volk Pinot Noir   $17.99
Santa Barbara

Madrigal Vineyards 
'07 Cabernet Sauvignon   $22.99
'09 Zinfandel                    $19.99
'10 Sauvignon Blanc        $13.99

'09 Chateau Marsac Seguineau 
Margaux                          $25.99

Voli Vodka

Voli Vodka

Voli Vodka is now available in Lyte and three additional flavors.
Hand crafted by the master blenders of Roullet-Fransac in Cognac, France, a 162 years old house of exceptional spirits, Voli light vodkas are a delicate blend of the finest wheat vodka, pure spring water and natural flavors. Voli is distilled 5 times and filtered 4 times in order to create extraordinarily clean and smooth tasting flavored vodkas with between 25-40% fewer calories on average than leading brands. American born rapper, singer-songwriter and record producer is the spokesman and part owner.

Voli Lyte Vodka                                               $21.95    750ml
Voli Lemon Vodka                                           $21.95    750ml      
Voli Orange Vanilla Vodka                               $21.95    750ml
Voli Raspberry Cocoa Vodka                          $21.95    750ml

Voli is also available in 50ml bottles at $1.95