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This porter is spiced with Cloves Cinnamon Allspice and Nutmeg. Also contains malt varieties of Chocolate, Munich, Coffee, Brown, Pumpkin and Oats. A suggested pairing would be Bread Pudding: This huge, malty pumpkin beer shares sweet caramel flavors with this dessert, while the roastiness of Pump[KY]n pairs well with the chocolate. 15.0% abv

Choosing to focus on the complexity that brettanomyces can bring to a beer, Funkier Pumpkin offers subtle pumpkin flavor accented by traditional spicing in a beer that showcases the hallmark earthy/forest floor notes of our house wild yeast strain. Aroma Pumpkin pie spices, earthy brettanomyces notes. Malt Toasty/Biscuity. Hops Minimal. Balance Funk/Spice. Body Medium

Aroma Pumpkin Pie Spices, Brettanomyces. Malt Toasty/Biscuity Hops Minimal. Balance Tartness/Spices Body Medium. Ingredients Malt: Pale malt, Munich malt, amber 50 Hops: Zeus, Magnum Spices: cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice. Other: pumpkin. Glassware tulip pairings bread pudding Cheesecake pumpkin pie roasted poultry

Since its inception in 1985, America’s Original Pumpkin Ale has become a Fall tradition. Much of Buffalo Bill’s acclaim originates from this beloved autumn brew. Made with real pumpkin and spices, it has a golden amber color, and the sweet aroma of warm pumpkin pie, 6% ABV.

All Hail the Pumpkin Ale! Dudes took a fresh take on a seasonal favorite that came out scary good. It hits the palette like a big ol’ piece of pumpkin pie backed by a robust blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, and a cornucopia of fall spices. Carve it up!

The essence of the fall! This beer explodes with aromas of sweet spices giving way to chocolate and roasted malt. Flavors are reminiscent of fresh-cut pumpkin and chocolate and complimented by hints of clove, fresh Madagascar vanilla beans, nutmeg and allspice. Glassware: Pint, Snifter Food Pairings: Savory and fatty meats and dark chocolate desserts

Brewed with local pumpkin puree and a secret blend of spices. The Fear has bold pumpkin pie flavor complemented by graham cracker and chocolate notes. Embrace The Fear and achieve greatness. Flying Dog brewed The Fear with a local pumpkin puree and secret blend of spices. But once you take a sniff and a sip, those spices become quite apparent. (Hint: Think pumpkin pie.) Anything seasonally spicy or sweet will beautifully complement this rich and complex brew. ALCOHOL BY VOLUME: 9.0% HOP BITTERNESS: 45 IBU SPECIALTY MALTS: Cara-Brown, Midnight Wheat, Chocolate, Vienna HOPS:Warrior, Willamette YEAST: Chico

Real pumpkin & warming spices like ginger, cinnamon & nutmeg gives this brew a smooth, hearty, and inviting character perfect for the crisper days of fall. HOP VARIETIES East Kent Goldings and Fuggles. MALT VARIETIES Samuel Adams two-row pale malt blend, Caramel 60, Special B, and smoked malt. YEAST STRAIN Samuel Adams Ale Yeast. COLOR Dark reddish amber, SRM: 33. SPECIAL INGREDIENTS Real pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg & allspice. ALC. BY VOL/WT 5.7% ABV - 4.4% ABW IBUs 14

Since 2003, they have brewed Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale with real pumpkin and a blend of classic pumpkin pie spices in tribute to the colonial forebearers. Recipes calling for the use of pumpkins have been found from early European settlers in New England, when brewers sought to extend their supply of costly imported malt with locally grown ingredients, such as squash and “pompions.” Color Rich Orange Malt Bill North American 2-Row, Carastan, C-60
Hops Bittering: Cascade, Flavor: Cascade, Liberty Yeast American Ale Other Natural Pumpkin Purée, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Cloves Starting Extract 14° Plato ABV 6.5% IBU 45

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Nikka Coffee Grain Whisky is a release of grain whisky from Japan's Nikka, produced mainly from corn using one of their continuous Coffey stills. Colour, A golden yellow. Aroma: Mint highlights with melon and citrus notes. Taste: Corn with melon and mint notes and a hint of mushrooms Finish: Creamy corn and mushrooms

NIKKA TAKETSURU PURE MALT 86 $63.95ea. 750ml 

Released in 2014, this no-age statement Taketsuru bottling is a blend of malts aged 10 years on average in different types of oak casks. A high percentage of Miyagikyo malt gives a fresh fruity character, joined by mature aromas of an important, sherry cask influence


The Ohishi distillery is located on the banks of the Kuma River, one Japan's fastest flowing rivers. The distillery was founded in 1872 and produces some of the most exciting whisky coming out of Japan. Ohishi grows at least 30% of the rice that they distill, and the fertile soils and exceptional growing climate make for some of the finest base ingredients available. The strain of rice is called "gohyakumanishi" (meaning "five million stones"), and an organic method of cultivation is utilized that requires the use of koi carp for weed control. The rest of the grain is procured from local farms in Kumamoto prefecture and is of the short grained Mochi variety. The grains are partially malted and then distilled on the traditional Japanese stills before being filled into ex-sherry and brandy casks and aged for a long time time in high-altitude warehouses.

FUKANO WHISKEY SINGLE CASK #281 $74.95ea. 750ml

This exceptional distillery in the city of Kumamoto on the southern island of Kyushu has been distilling since 1823. They're famous for a diverse offering of Shochus and high quality liqueurs, but a tiny portion of their production is devoted to malted rice distillation. In Japan, these old whiskies are not bottled as such, though they do meet the definition by American standards. Instead they use them to make their high-end liqueurs, which is sad for them, but GREAT for us. This rare spirit is aged much like bourbon in new charred oak casks. The result is something absolutely sublime and uniquely Japanese. While one might be expecting Shochu squared, we're in fact in a totally different arena altogether. Somewhere between scotch, bourbon and "other whisky", both the complexity of aromatics and texture on the palate are surprising. This cask has a vibrant nose of nut brittle, spiced fruit, lemon rind, and almond butter. A very subtle oceany quality persists in the back ground, a true bridge between Single Malt and Bourbon.

KIKORI WHISKEY$43.95ea. 750ml

Distilled in Japan, and made from 100% rice, Kikori Whiskey is a smooth and welcome newcomer to the whiskey category. Aged for 3+ years in American Oak, French Limousin oak and Sherry casks, Kikori is golden and pure in color with a floral and fragrant aroma and a velvety smoothness to the palate. Kikori Whiskey is pure water, quality ingredients, careful aging, meticulous blending and Japanese attention to detail–all combined to perfection. At 82 proof, Kikori delivers a distinctively different style of whiskey that is memorable, delicate and delicious.

Kikori is a Gold Medal winner at the 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.


Akashi White Oak Japanese Whisky is crafted using specially-imported barley from Scotland, as well as pure water that comes from the same underground source Eigashima Distillery uses to make its sake. Once the barley is milled, mashed and distilled through Eigashima’s traditional pot stills, it is set to age in ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks in the distillery’s newly-built warehouses. Due to Akashi City’s unique climate, with extremely hot summers and cool winters, as much as 7%-8% of Eigashima’s maturing whisky may be lost to evaporation each year, as opposed to the 2% commonly seen in Scotland. While this lowers still the overall production yield, it also acts as a catalyst for the maturation process, as the temperature swings encourage interaction between the whisky and the wood.


This blend is named after Kiichiro Iwai. He is a mentor of Masataka Taketsuru. As a 14 year senior graduated from the same technical school, Iwai brought Taketsuru into the same brewery, then became his mentor in the company. Along with others in management, Iwai sent Taketsuru to Scotland to learn the art of whisky-making. As the first Japanese to learn the art, Taketsuru returned to Japan and presented a whisky-making report- the Taketsuru Notes- to Iwai. Taketsuru later went on to found Nikka Whisky, and then created Suntory Whisky. Years after that Iwai founded Mars Shinshu distillery with Taketsuru’s notes. As the mentor of The Father of Japanese Whisky, Iwai is referred to by some as The Silent Pioneer of Japanese Whisky. Colour: Dark caramel aste: Very high in viscosity. You can tell its richness that comes from its oily characteristic when you chew it in your mouth. It is very sweet indeed. Again, initially one can find strong similarities in it with grape-based spirits. However, things can become quite different upon second tasting. Finish: Upon finish, the aroma that comes back to the nostrils resoundingly similar to Bourbon whiskey. Then on that second tasting, the taste of Bourbon overtakes the initial fruity characteristic of Iwai.


Mars Iwai Tradition Japanese Whisky is soft and rounded, yet full bodied and mellow. The nose gives sweet honey, leading to a complex, peaty full bodied palate which gives sweet peat, orange marmalade, maple, burnt sugar cane, cedar and cigar


A lovely blended whisky from Japan, created by Ichiro Akuto, the Japanese whisky extraordinaire. This particular gem is made with both malt and grain whisky from Japan as well as (possibly) some whisky from other countries too - the label describes it as "a worldwide blended whisky". Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt Nose: Peach and dried apricot, sweet butterscotch, vanilla cream, citrus zest, synthetic bananas and gooey malt. Palate: Toffee first and foremost, with notes of barley malt, gingerbread, tropical fruits, honeyed pipe tobacco lveas, black pepper, roasted chestnut and freshly cut hay. Finish: Medium length with vanilla and dried tropical fruit.

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Don Fulano is a family of 100% hand selected & Estate Grown blue agave tequilas, crafted in small batches, with complete control of production from the fields to the bottle. All the products are 100% natural, free of additives which basically means that absolutely all its character, its richness and flavor come from an authentic natural process. They take pride in the work that has matured for four generations and which can be enjoyed in their products. Discover every Don Fulano expression and savour its strong connection to its highland terroir.


Don Fulano Fuerte is Profoundly aromatic. Full of spice and flavor and yet, absolutely mellow with floral glimmers of jasmine and orange blossom this tequila even brings coconut and tropical aromas to the mix. Patient organic fermentation and its distillation in copper alembics, create a full bodied and generous tequila in which gives it its finish of intense and prolonged flavor.

DON FULANO REPOSADO $61.95ea. 750ml

Don Fulano Reposado is extraordinarily balanced between its fresh agave flavors and the character of its long repose. A signature blend of aged tequilas with a minimum of eight months - and up to 2 years - in a combination of new and used barrels of French limousine oak. The spice is fuller with rich fruit notes of pear and cherry compote. The gentle notes of cooked agave as well as previously hidden glitters of dark chocolate, maple and nutmeg appear from its depth. Medium bodied, Its fruitful style remains in mouth.

DON FULANO ANEJO $94.95ea. 750ml

Don Fulano añejo is unlike others. It is not predominantly sweet or overpowered by wood. The agave notes are present and intense. It is full of spice and character from subtle chocolate fudginess comes from the depth, baked banana and a fine mixture of dried fruits, almonds and roasted coffee beans along with a subtle floral note frame its intense personality. Again, It is a blend of different aged tequilas of a minimum of 30 months in French Limousine Oak. Its finish is slightly dry and prolonged.


Don Fulano Imperial is the oldest Don Fulano Tequila. Exceptionally smooth and complex with a great combination of elegance and power. Abundant in fruit notes and spices like clove and nutmeg. Deep notes of maple and dark chocolate, tobacco and a lavish aroma of black cherries frame its defined style. It is velvety and permanent in mouth.

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Tequila ArteNOM presents aficionados with the personal selections of world-class artisan tequila distillers. These limited release Selecciones celebrate the best of tequila craftsmanship by highlighting the agave cultivation altitude, soil and masterful distillation techniques of different tequila-producing regions.

ARTENOM SELECCION DE 1549 BLANCO $48.95ea. 750ml

The mountain town of Jesús-María (elev. 6,079’) is tequila’s highest altitude agave region, and the El Pandillo Distillery is arguably one of the most forward-thinking and sustainable distilleries in the business. There, Felipe Camarena masterfully crafts this bright, aromatic tequila from stressed hillside agave plants, slowly roasted in brick ovens and macerated intact with fiber for a pronounced agave flavor.


Feliciano Vivanco began cultivating highland agave during Mexico's tumultuous post-revolutionary period of 1919-1929. In 1994 the family dream of acquiring their own Arandas distillery was finally realized with the purchase of the "Destilería El Ranchito." With approximately 2,000 acres of estate-grown agave at their disposal, the Vivanco family has since become renown for producing rich, well-balanced tequilas created by marrying honored distillation traditions with modern innovation. It rests in previously used American white oak bourbon barrels for 10 months. "Notes of mature agave and banana bread, which follow to long, smooth finish with notes of honey, citrus and vanilla", ---Caskers Craft Spirits.

ARTEMON SELECCION DE 1146 ANEJO $59.95ea. 750ml

Tequila ArteNOM Seleccion de 1146 Añejo is 100% Blue Weber Agave and contains no additives whatsoever. 60% of this añejo comes from French oak aged for 2 years, and 40% from French oak aged for 3 years. This blend is then aged together for an additional year in American white oak, which creates an unparalleled underlying complexity. "Notes of toasted almonds and creamy vanilla, followed by layers of dried fruit and baking spices. Long, earthy finish complemented by hints of vanilla, caramel and oak", ---Caskers Craft Spirits.

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BREAKER BOURBON $39.95ea. 750ml

Breaker Bourbon Whisky is a new American bourbon from the first craft distillery in the golden hills of California’s Central Coast. The Master Distiller blends each small batch from only eight carefully hand chosen barrels that have been aged for at least five years. This ensures that each bottle is produced with an uncompromising attention to detail and taste. A base of corn, rye and malted barley. Twice distilled in a copper still. Aged for five or more years. First bourbon hand-crafted, blended and bottled in Southern California since Prohibition.


A bourbon from the Central Coast of California showcasing notes of vanilla, cinnamon, caramel, black tea, and honey. Alcohol heat is apparent on the palate and lingering finish, which is balanced by sweet corn notes and touches of brown sugar.


A bourbon whiskey with a helping of wheat, exhibiting notes of citrus, spice, caramel, vanilla, and baked apples. Softer on the palate than its non-wheated sibling, Breaker Wheated Bourbon opens up with an array of stewed fruit flavor and more spice, evoking homemade apple pie to the senses.

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1792 BOURBON 93.7 BARREL SELECT $31.95ea. 750ml

1792 Ridgemont Reserve is the flagship bourbon produced by Sazerac’s Barton 1792 Distillery in Bardstown, KY. It is a Small Batch bourbon, and formerly was bottled with an 8 year age statement on the bottle. Like so many other bourbons in this current “Boom,” that age statement is no longer on the bottle, having been dropped in 2013. It is bottled at 46385%, or 93.7 Proof, and contains a fairly high rye component of its mash bill.

1792 BOURBON PORT FINISH $41.95ea. 750ml

The marriage of expertly crafted bourbon whiskey and port wine barrels join together to create this distinct bourbon. 1792 Port Finish Bourbon delivers an elegant flavor profile like no other. This bourbon was aged for many years in new white oak barrels before spending another two years extracting the subtle, yet sweet flavors from port wine barrels. The rich vanilla characters of American oak mingle with the delicate fruit notes from port to create this magnificent whiskey.

tasting notes- A rich aroma of apple and fruit mingling with noticeable vanilla. the taste is soft, yet balanced. Filled with toasted caramel, jam-like fruit, and a touch of licorice. A clean, somewhat lingering finish completes the taste.

1792 SMALL BATCH BOURBON $29.95ea. 750ml

Sophisticated and complex. A distinctly different bourbon created with precise craftsmanship. Made from a signature "high rye" recipe and the marriage of select barrels carefully chosen by the Master Distiller. 1792 bourbon has an expressive and elegant flavor profile. Unmistakable spice mingles with sweet caramel and vanilla to create a bourbon that is incomparably brash and bold, yet smooth and balanced. Elevating whiskey to exceptional new heights

Thursday, January 21, 2016


Seven Stills was founded off of the unique concept of making whiskeys from different craft beers. Each year they will release a new whiskey for one of the iconic hills of San Francisco, each made from a different craft beer, and each designed by a different local artist.

CHOCASMOKE $35.95ea. 375ml

The Beer
Chocasmoke is made from a chocolate oatmeal stout with peat smoked malted barley. It opens with huge bursts of chocolate and dark, malty aromas. It is smooth, and sweet throughout, and finishes with a subtle hint of peat and smoke

FLUXUATE $35.95ea. 375ml

The Beer
Fluxuate is the second whiskey in the SF Hills Series. This whiskey is distilled from a coffee porter with Flux Cold Brewed Coffee. The whiskey opens up with huge aromas of coffee and vanilla. The palate is medium full to thick and has a slick mouthfeel. Since this whiskey is brewed with coffee and uses a high proportion of roasted malts Fluxuate both opens and finishes with dark, rich roasted flavors.

Only 59 cases were released within California.

WHIPNOSE $35.95ea. 375ml

The Beer
Whipnose is the first whiskey in the Collaboration Series, with Pacific Brewing Laboratory. This whiskey is made from Pac Brew Lab's double IPA and opens with huge whips of west coast hops: Simcoe, Cascade and Centennial. The whiskey drinks like a concentrated IPA, without any of the hop bitterness, and finishes with sweet maple sugar.