Thursday, January 21, 2016


Seven Stills was founded off of the unique concept of making whiskeys from different craft beers. Each year they will release a new whiskey for one of the iconic hills of San Francisco, each made from a different craft beer, and each designed by a different local artist.

CHOCASMOKE $35.95ea. 375ml

The Beer
Chocasmoke is made from a chocolate oatmeal stout with peat smoked malted barley. It opens with huge bursts of chocolate and dark, malty aromas. It is smooth, and sweet throughout, and finishes with a subtle hint of peat and smoke

FLUXUATE $35.95ea. 375ml

The Beer
Fluxuate is the second whiskey in the SF Hills Series. This whiskey is distilled from a coffee porter with Flux Cold Brewed Coffee. The whiskey opens up with huge aromas of coffee and vanilla. The palate is medium full to thick and has a slick mouthfeel. Since this whiskey is brewed with coffee and uses a high proportion of roasted malts Fluxuate both opens and finishes with dark, rich roasted flavors.

Only 59 cases were released within California.

WHIPNOSE $35.95ea. 375ml

The Beer
Whipnose is the first whiskey in the Collaboration Series, with Pacific Brewing Laboratory. This whiskey is made from Pac Brew Lab's double IPA and opens with huge whips of west coast hops: Simcoe, Cascade and Centennial. The whiskey drinks like a concentrated IPA, without any of the hop bitterness, and finishes with sweet maple sugar.


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