Thursday, March 1, 2012

Voli Vodka

Voli Vodka

Voli Vodka is now available in Lyte and three additional flavors.
Hand crafted by the master blenders of Roullet-Fransac in Cognac, France, a 162 years old house of exceptional spirits, Voli light vodkas are a delicate blend of the finest wheat vodka, pure spring water and natural flavors. Voli is distilled 5 times and filtered 4 times in order to create extraordinarily clean and smooth tasting flavored vodkas with between 25-40% fewer calories on average than leading brands. American born rapper, singer-songwriter and record producer is the spokesman and part owner.

Voli Lyte Vodka                                               $21.95    750ml
Voli Lemon Vodka                                           $21.95    750ml      
Voli Orange Vanilla Vodka                               $21.95    750ml
Voli Raspberry Cocoa Vodka                          $21.95    750ml

Voli is also available in 50ml bottles at $1.95

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