Wednesday, March 21, 2012

St George Spirits

St George Terroir Gin              $30.99  750ML
Terroir Gin has an intense earthy, woodsy nose and
flavor derived from Douglas fir, California bay laurel,
and California coastal sage—complemented by bright,
citrusy top notes.

St George Botanivore Gin       $30.99  750ML
Botanivore Gin (our "botanical eater") earned its name
because it's loaded with botanical ingredients. We distilled
20 different botanicals to compose this spirit (no small feat!)
and the resulting gin is beautifully balanced and vibrant.
Deliciously herbacious and bright, Botanivore is a versatile
addition to any gin cocktail.

St George Dry Rye Gin         $30.99  750 ML
Dry Rye Gin has twice as much juniper in its recipe as
either of the other two St. George gins, and a base of pot-distilled
rye that provides structure and spice. Warm bass notes of pepper and
caraway give Dry Rye Gin an intriguing depth of flavor, while the
rye provides a sweet maltiness reminiscent of a genever. Try our
Dry Rye Gin in your favorite cocktails that call for either gin or rye
or sip it straight for a gin experience like no other.

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