Monday, May 13, 2013

Some New Items

Ancnoc Peter Arkle Single Malt Whiskey
Nose : Rich and spicy fruit cake aromas are complemented by creamy vanilla and pronounced sticky toffee. The middle note of freshly picked green apples is accentuated by just a touch of blood orange zest. Complex and satisfying.
Color: Rich copper with amber highlights
Taste:  Sun-dried raisins and honey explode on the palate, followed quickly by vanilla ice-cream with hot caramel sauce. The finish is round and long, on the dark side of the fruit.
$64.95  750ml

Tequila Tapatio Blanco 110
  • 100% Estate grown Blue Agave
  • The Agave are hand selected by Jimadores and delivered fresh to the distillery where they are hand cut and placed in the oven.
  • The Blue Agave are slowly baked for four days to transform the raw material into sweet fructose sugar. Once baked, the Blue Agaves are crushed and pressed in a modified sugar cane mill to extract the sweet agave juice (“Mosto”) which is then ready for fermentation.
  • A selected fraction of freshly made “Mosto” is pumped into small wood fermenters to slowly ferment using a special in-house 75 year old yeast culture. Once the “Mosto” ferments into dry “Mosto Muerto” it is ready to be distilled.
  • The first distillation is run through a 3,500 liter Stainless Steel Still, then the “Ordinario” is distilled in small (90-250 gallon) Copper Alambiques Tequilano Pot Stills.
  • Barely filtered to preserve mouth feel, texture and viscosity of the estate grown Blue Agave.
$52.99  1 liter

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